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Lyon 400 Pot, Baumgarten & Friends
Lyon 400

The Arrival
Philip Baumgarten Trio (New! September 2011)
The Arrival (Studio Baumgarten)
The first (jazz)CD by the Philip Baumgarten Trio. Listen to Jeannette and Texel.
Texel, one of the tracks on this CD, was featured as track of the day on allaboutjazz.com.
'Straight ahead jazz by this talented trio'.
Illand Pietersma in the newspaper Dagblad van het Noorden: 'light and impassioned'.
Frank Huser in Jazzflits: Very musical and with rich arrangements. A delicious recording. People who like the piano trio format will absolutely love this CD.
Moorsmagazine: 'Beautiful lyrical compositions with fabulous melodies, interesting tempo changes and moodswings. You can hear these guys love playing, because it swings like mad.
Download the CD.

Pot, Baumgarten & Friends
Innamorato (Sold out)
A CD by diatonic accordion player Peter Pot and Philip Baumgarten, and a lot of musical friends.
Moorsmagazine: 'Innamorato is aq beautiful, intimate, melancholic jewel'.
Peter Beetz in Jazzism: 'Music that makes you dream beautifully'. (4 stars out of5)
De bassist: 'Pot and Baumgarten complement each other beautifully. Strong compositions wih influences from all over the world'.
Mpodia.nl: 'Studio Baumgarten keeps making beautiful CD's'.
Illand Pietersma in (Dutch newspaper) Dagblad van het Noorden, 'Pot reminds me of Richard Galliano, Baumgarten is at times just as lyrical as Renaud Garcia-Fons'.

Peter Massink Trio
Peter Massink Trio
Full moon (Sold out)
Bob Anram & Philip Baumgarten
Bob Anram & Philip Baumgarten
The Hurricane Session 2008 (Sold out)
Straight ahead Jazz. While Hanna was raging over Long Island, New York saxophone player Bob Anram and I recorded a duo CD, that has been released now on the New York Tracks to Wax label. Bob Anram has fully grasped the playing of the great masters of jazz of the fifties and sixties and expertedly integrated it into his playing. It has been recorded by recording master Steve Pagano at his beautiful Spock Studio. The CD is a symphony. Listen to Tippin in love or Diving belle!

You can download tracks at Itunes, emusic, Rhapsodie or Amazon.

Sticks, Strings & Vibes
Sticks, Strings & Vibes (Sold out)
Straight ahead Jazz. Originals by Thomas Hilbrandie and myself.


Pot, van Lienen & Baumgarten
Speeldoosje (Sold out)
The second CD by Pot, van Lienen & Baumgarten. Originals between folk and jazz.

Pot, van Lienen & Baumgarten
Nectar (Sold out)
The first CD by Pot, van Lienen & Baumgarten. Originals between folk and jazz.
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