Aluminium Double Bass

A shining monster

It is being said of aluminium double basses that not only do they look great, they are also very loud. Wooden double basses weight a lot, but these basses are much heavier. I haven’t been able to play on one yet, so it is not clear to me how they sound. I suspect the film below gives a good impression of the sound of an aluminium double bass.

Information about the aluminium bass bij The Double Bass Guide.

A special bass

I added this bass to my gallery of special basses, for it is certainly special!

A double bass made out of aluminium.

The aluminium double bass of Peter Simons

A few years ago Peter Simons built a beautiful aluminium bass. He was so kind to share the photo’s of the process with me. Click or tap on a picture for the gallery effect and smooth scrawling.

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