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Izabel by Pot Baumgarten van Astenrode


Pot Baumgarten van astenrode.
This is the newest album I recorded. We are proud of the album Izabel that we produced ourselves in every aspect. The beautiful cover was designed by Peter Pot. I did the recording, mixing, mastering and graphic designing. 

Ordering this album

You can order it by transferring €25,- to account NL89INGB0005831416 of P.W.L.M. Baumgarten in The Netherlands. Please don’t forget to mail me your, name, address and the title of the cd.

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Baumgarten discography: a common thread

Baumgarten Discography: the work I have done is quite diverse, but I primarily consider myself to be a jazz bass player. Playing jazz is a great challenge! Playing jazz helps me to get better and better as a musician. So all the music I play is jazz or music influenced bij jazz, like the music of Pot Baumgarten van Astenrode.

My recordings

I have recorded most of the albums I play on. To minimize crosstalk, I use a blanket method: between every instrument is a wall of blankets. Works like a charm! I als mix and master my albums myself. A lot of fun! The pictures below were taken when we recorded Izabel, december 2021.

Studio Baumgarten
baumgarten discography

The complete discography

Below you see the cd’s that I recorded in the past. They are not for sale anymore, but I like to show them anyway. Click or tap on a picture for the gallery effect and smooth scrawling.