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Double Bass and Bass Guitar – my music

Welcome! Let me first introduce myself: my name is Philip Baumgarten and I play double bass and bass guitar. I play jazz and genres akin to jazz. If you are interested in my music, please go to the Baumgarten bands page.

Double bass and bass guitar are what it’s all about in this site. This is a site for all bass players and for people who are interested in my music.

There are five pages about the bass, amongst which the Bass Movie and Bass Gallery page that is renewed every week. There is a version of this site in Dutch.

My setup

I use a Hevos amplifyer for the double bass. My bass guitar was built by Herman Mulder of Mulderbass. The box of my bass guitar is a Van der Kley.

Nowadays I play on a wooden double bass that was probably built in the Czech Republic. I’m very happy with the way it sounds and plays.

Until recently I played on a carbon fiber bass by Cosi. It has 5 strings, with a low B string and those extra low notes can be great. Right now I prefer the woody, clear and powerful sound of my wooden bass. I’m totally in love with that instrument.

It is not the same double bass it was when I got it. Quite a lot has been changed. Some changes were okay, others were not and then the bass had to be changed back all over again. I’m happy with the current state of affairs, so I won’t be changing anything anymore. But were it not for the changes, this would not be the great instrument it is today.

I have had the help of Jurgen Preyer, who made the top of the bass thinner. He scraped off an enormous sack full of wood chips! That made the sound much more direct and full. It still is a heavy bass, but it is lighter than it was and that is very important for someone who’s back is not very strong, like me.

Dirk Jacob Hamoen devised beautiful tuning machines that work very well. Good tuning machines are important; if they do not turn easily, it is vert tiring to change strings. I used to have very tiresome tuning machines and that was not nice.

Ferdinand Rikkers adjusted the height of the strings for me. This is not only important for the playability, but also for the sound. Every height of the strings sounds different. in the old days, when amplification of the double bass was a huge problem, the action of the strings was high. That gave a loud, hyumpy sound. Not a modern sound, but these bass players made the most of it.

Contrabassist Philip Baumgarten in actie.

Drawing and logo by Michiel Baumgarten (my son).

Double Bass and Bass Guitar