Double Bass Building

Building your own double bass can be done!

Dirk Jacob Hamoen, luthier

Dirk Jacob Hamoen

Dutch School of Violin Making

The founder of the Dutch School of Violin Making, luthier Dirk Jacob Hamoen, believes everyone can build a great string instrument. He has demystified the process of string instrument building. There are several principles you have to take into account, there is no double bass building kit and it does take quite some time before the instrument is ready, but it can be done if you follow his double bass plans!

Double Bass Building

Daan van der Wiel

The double bass of Daan van der Wiel

How is a double bass made? I found a nice picture gallery of the building of an upright bass by Daan van der Wiel (under the supervision of Dirk Jacob Hamoen) on the site of the The Dutch School of Violin Making. I have asked permission to show it on this site and that permission was granted. Thank you Dirk Jacob Hamoen, Daan van der Wiel and the Dutch School of Violin Making!

The Double Bass Building Picture Gallery

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Video about double bass building

A detailed report on bass building.

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