Play it Hard

Hardbop as it is supposed to be played

Harry Broekman, axophone player of the hardbop band Play it Hard

The style of Play it Hard

The hardbop jazz formation plays jazz with great rhythm and a great sound. Hardbop evolved out of bebop and is influenced by blues, gospel and Latin. It is easier to listen to than bebop.

Charles Mingus and Ray Brown

Virtuoso musicians like Charles Mingus and Ray Brown played a prominent role in the development of the genre. In consequence bass parts became more varied than was the case in bebop.


The idea of hardbop was to be more accessible for audiences than bebop, or to be attractive for audiences that did not even know bebop.


David H. Rosenthal contends in his book Hard Bop that the genre is, to a large degree, the natural creation of a generation of African-American musicians who grew up at a time when bop and rhythm and blues were the dominant forms of black American music (Wikipedia). So Jazz was actually popular in that period! Musicians earned money making records. A totally different period in music history!

Our inspiritation

We are inspired by jazz formations like The Cannonball Adderley Quintet and Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers. Of course with our own twist!
Anyway: we play it the hard(bop) way!


Vincent Grit – Piano
Harry Broekman – saxophone
Pavel Shcherbakov – trumpet
Theo Kamminga – drums
Philip Baumgarten – double bass


Theo Kamminga, 06-535933300, e-mail

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play it haqrd, a hardbop band

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