Pot Baumgarten van Astenrode

Somewhere between foulk and jazz

Het trio Pot, Baumgarten en van Astenrode in actie.

Pot Baumgarten van Astenrode: the music

Diatonic accordion player, bass player Philip Baumgarten and drummer René van Astenrode play European music with influences from other parts of the world. All the musicians contribute compositions, but Peter Pot is the main composer.

Pot Baumgarten van Astenrode

Peter Pot

The way Peter Pot plays on the diatonic accordion is a form of art. This is breathtaking music! At times soft and subtle, but it can also be powerful and with great rhythm.

Philip Baumgarten

Philip Baumgarten (double bass and bass guitar) has always played jazz, apart from the long collaboration with Peter Pot. The duo cd The hurricane sessions, that he recorded with Amercan saxophone player Bob anram, got 4,5 stars out of 5 in the most important jazz magazine Jazzism in The Netherlands.

René van Astenrode

A few years ago René van Astenrode (marimba, drums and percussion) joined the trio. René also writes beautiful compositions for the band., René is an outstanding jazz drummer.


You can contact us by mailing to Peter Pot or Philip Baumgarten.

A Pot Baumgarten van Astenrode video

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Home, een cd van Pot, Baumgarten en van Astenrode.

Our album Home

We’re currently rehearsing for our next cd, that we will record in august and september. The cd Home is the last one we recorded. It costs €25, account NL89 INGB0005831416 of P.W.L.M. Baumgarten. Don’t forget to mail your name, adress en the title of the cd!

Buy tracks from this cd on Amazon.

Read a review of Home by Moors Magazine (in Dutch).

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