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Philip Baumgarten Trio

The Philip Baumgarten Trio

Philip Baumgarten Trio is a piano trio that plays a mix of standards and (mainly) compositions by Philip Baumgarten. Usually I play with Leonieke Vermeer on piano and Matthias van Olst on drums. The personnel is not always the same, but the concept is. Mail me if you want to book us.

A track of The Arrival has been Track of the day on, the biggest and most important American jazz site. The tune Jeannette (see below for a video) was on 5th, twice on 6th and once on 7th place of most watched video’s on that site. Jeannette is the name of my mother. I wrote this tune for her when she was terminnally ill. She has passed away now.

The Arrival, een jazzcd van het Philip Baumgarten Trio.

My compositions

I had played with the idea of making a jazz album with my compositions for years. Finally I decided I did not have to write in one style and could write what I felt like. All musical influences I have had in my life arev reflected in my music. I was born in New York, but as a child I also lived in Switzerland, Ghana and Italy.


Especially Ghana was a beautiful music experience. when Ghanaians looked each other up when I lived there, they would first sing with each other. A few people would sing a choir and a person would do a solo improvisation with his voive. So at a young age (I was 10 years old), I was already confronted with the beauty of improvisation and rhythm.


When I went to Groningen to study, my best friend was someone from Surinam who made me familiar with salsa. I loved it! This must have something to do with my musical experiences in Ghana.  I started a salsa orchestra that performed for years. Salsa was new at the time in the Netherlands, people were curious what this was and we played every week, sometimes 5 times a week.

Leonieke Vermeer, piano

When she was 16 years old Leonieke Vermeer won a national art composition called De Kunstbende in the Netherlands. She completed her piano study on the conservatory of Groningen. She also studied at the Musiklinjen in Stockholm, the Leeds College of Music and the Koninklijk conservatorium in The Hague.
Her band Rakia was in the finals of the Dutch Jazz Competition of the North Sea Jazzfestival. According to a review, she made the sun shine on a cloudy day.

Matthias van Olst, drums

Matthias is a tasteful, subtle drummer who can swing. He also has two other qualities I really like: he is a master of dynamics. He can play very softly when the music calls for it. Also Matthias makes his fellow musicians play better. So I am grateful for all the opportunities I have had to play with him!
I recorded a number of albums with Matthias, notably Man wat een boudel! by Klooster & Baumgarten, Full Moon by the Peter Massink Trio and Innamorato by Pot, Baumgarten & Friends. A beautiful cooperation!

The Arrival in Japan
De cd The Arrival ligt in de schappen van een Japanse cd winkel.

The Arrival in a store in Japan.

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